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Welcome to the Nemethy Horseback Archery Academy!

Our story began over 100 years and two generations ago with Bertalan Nemethy's lifetime dedication to show jumping. Bertalan became renkown for his passion and skill in horsemanship, both of which he passed onto his son and grandson. Today, Christoph Nemethy continues this family tradition of excellence in horsemanship as founder and head instructor of the Nemethy Horseback Archery Academy. Christoph created the Nemethy Horseback Archery Academy in 2008 to share the wealth of knowledge and skill in horsemanship his family has spent generations collecting, and to teach and grow the sport of mounted archery.

As head instructor, Christoph's days are full teaching horseback riding, ground archery, and horseback archery lessons. Long days of training are interspersed with guided tours of the beautiful Pilis Mountains and participating in international horseback archery competitions.

Nemethy Horseback Archery Academy offers lessons to all skill levels and ages, all that is necessary is a desire to learn. We have group and private lessons in ground archery, horseback riding, and horseback archery, and all types of instruction are available at all of our academy locations in Hungary and the EU.

Christoph Némethy - Head Trainer

Christoph Némethy is a three time European Champion in horseback archery, qualified archery instructor, horseback riding trainer, recreational sports coach, and horseback tour Contact us with any questions or to setup an initial evaluation and join us in the pursuit of excellence in this once ancient art form turned modern sport!

Némethy Horseback Archery Academy
The Hungarian Horseback Archery Academy Sport Club was founded on 16th April 2011, and the Némethy Horseback Archery Academy Sport Club was founded on 15th August 2022. Our headquarter is in Pomáz, at the foot of the Pilis mountains, on the site of the Hungarian Castle Camp. We are a committed and solidary community of more than 380 outstanding members of the Academy. Our main activities include training the new generation of horseback archers and dealing with talents, training of horse-riding for recreational purposes, and making archery and horseback archery more popular. In these sports, our ancient traditions and the modern technique of archery are unified. Additionally, we also organize national and international professional training camps, other events. Our members frequently attend local, regional and cross-border competitions where they reach outstanding achievements.

Our primary purpose is making the horse-riding sports popular, strengthening our community-building social activity with high emphasis on the physical and spiritual health preserving effects of this sport, bringing different cultures together, strengthening the international co-operations, the national tourism and preservation of the values of the traditional Hungarian culture.

We find it important that we shall also make the technique of Hungarian horseback archery and other significant values of our nation known abroad. Our sport club is a member of the International Horseback Archery Alliance (IHAA), which addresses to provide an opportunity for horseback archers of different nations and using different techniques to meet. Beyond improving their technical skills, the members also fight against each other on competitions, which means a huge motivation for them.

Hungary plays a leading role in the international horseback archery world and due to our significant achievements, our reputation is excellent. Along with specially dealing with our talents, we also make efforts on strengthening local and cross-border friendship between the sportsmen and to maintain a close professional cooperation with foreign horseback archery clubs.

We take part on numerous cultural and social events that aims to spread the national culture, such as National Assembly of the Hungarian, Horse-riding May Summering of Pomáz, Arpad-Day events, Kurultáj Island Festival, Great Sports Promoter of Budapest and Szentendre.

We wish to further enhance our professional success in the future. We started carrying out a project to bring the national horseback archery life and its competition system into conformity with the Act on Sports. We hope we will be able to prepare a competition and rule system which allows all of our sport mates to participate at any national or international competition with the same chance, in spite of the different styles and techniques, and which is acceptable by all clubs.
Our achievements
• Youth and Adult Horseback Archery World Cup (2023)
- 51 competitors
- 14 countries (Finland, France, Germany, Hungary, Italy, Kazakhstan, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Sweden, Switzerland, Turkey, United Kingdom)
- 15 awarded places achieved by members of our Academy

• Youth and Adult Horseback Archery World Cup (2022)
- 56 competitors
- 12 countries (Czech Republic, Finland, France, Germany, Hungary, Italy, Moldova,
Mongolia, Poland, Portugal, Spain, Sweden)
- 26 awarded places achieved by members of our Academy

• Youth and Adult Horseback Archery World Cup
- 21 competitors
- 5 countries (France, Hungary, Germany, Russia, Spain)
- 26 awarded places achieved by members of our Academy

• Kids and Youth Horseback Archery World Cup
- 16 competitors
- 2 countries (France, Hungary)
- more than 12 awarded places achieved by members of our Academy

- 27 competitors
- 5 countries (Czech, Hungarian, German, Slovak, Turkish)
- 38 awarded places achieved by members of our Academy

- 27 competitors / 33 awarded places achieved by members of our Academy

- 30 competitors / 36 awarded places achieved by members of our Academy

- 14 competitions (IHAA and other competitions): 111 podium finishes

• Árpád Cup 2019:
- 4 countries / 11 competitors
- 8 awarded places achieved by members of our Academy

• Kids and Youth Horseback Archery Championships 2019:
- 11 countries / 44 competitors
- 12 awarded places achieved by members of our Academy

Horseback Archery Extreme 2019:
- DIGI TV live broadcasts and daily summaries
- 8 countries / 16 competitors
- 7 awarded places achieved by members of our Academy

• International Horseback Archery World Cup & Grand Prix 2019
- hundreds of visitors
- 13 countries / 63 competitors
- 14 awarded places achieved by members of our Academy

- 6 (IHAA) competitions, 79 podium finishes

Organizing the First Open Horseback Archery World Championships 2018
- DIGI TV live broadcasts and daily summaries
- 25 countries / 101 competitors
- 15 awarded places achieved by members of our Academy

- 2 (IHAA) competitions, 30 podium finishes

- 12 countries / 50 competitors
- 15 awarded places achieved by members of our Academy

More info: Competitions/Achievements

For more details about our sustainability project please visit this link.
Social activity
Through its professional activity, our Academy plays an important role in the society, our operation contributes to the needs on the field of cultural life, sport tourism, wellness and environmental awareness.

Our primary aim is to make horseback archery more acknowledged by the society as a tradition preserving sport activity. We make every effort to support the talented young Hungarian sportsmen in the local and international competitions through sponsoring them by our sport club. Within the frame of this project, the young members of the Academy are preparing in international training camps and they compete at 5-6 national and international competitions a year with outstanding achievements. We are very proud of that our trainees won 80% of the competitions between 2015 and 2018, thereby strengthening the reputation of our country and attracting even more tourists.

We are committed to make the healthy lifestyle more popular. Our target group includes almost all segments of the society. Kids, young, medium-aged and even elderly people can learn the technique of horse-riding, archery and horseback archery, either for recreational purposes or to be a highly qualified competitor. Through horseback archery, one can get knowledge about the tradition and the culture of our ancestors, and additionally, the mental and physical capabilities can also be improved. Improving the capabilities and the skills while horse-riding may indirectly assist to treat learning difficulties, lack of self-confidence, adaptation problems, conflicts and self-motivation.

We help the young horseback archers in getting increasingly better and also their technical and theoretical education. We support the young with disadvantaged background and through the sport we can present them healthy lifestyle and motivated life. We provide them with horse-riding equipment so that they have equal chance to attend national and international junior competitions. As a result of our work, we can teach for several thousands of young people how to live a meaningful life in cultural, health preserving and environmental sustainability perspective. During our trainings we emphasize the importance of preserving the natural environment. To this end, we frequently organize rubbish collection events and we pay attention to the selective waste collection.

We have been attending the Great Sports Promoter for many years. A number of our members decided to join our club after having met us in such an event, and later they reached good achievements as a member of the Academy by utilizing their knowledge at local and foreign competitions. The Great Sport Promoter gives opportunity for children and their parents to find the best matching sport, thereby having the most possible children like motion and often find a new aim for their life.

We actively participate in social events addressing the preservation of the national culture. We find it important to make the authentic Hungarian traditions known abroad as well.