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Ground Archery
Nock! One! Two! Three!

At Némethy Horseback Archery Academy we have found that no matter our age or time in the sport, there is still nothing we love more than the sound of the arrow hitting the target. We aspire to improve our student's speed and precision through our ground archery courses.

Archery classes are offered in both group and private settings, and are open to all ages and experience levels.

Nemethy Horseback archery academy focuses on ancient style archery, using shelfless recurve bows and specializing in instinctive shooting. Instead of trying to line up the arrow with the target, we train our bodies to find the target effortlessly and without thought, just as the ancients once did. We find that that archery, whether in the saddle or on the ground, constantly challenges and entertains us, exercises our concentration, and brings a sense of power and serenity we just can’t find anywhere else. Check the training schedule below and come join us for ground archery classes!
Horseback Archery
Long ago horseback archery was an ancient art of war seen on battle fields across the world. Today, we enjoy this unique art as a challenging and enjoyable sport.

As horseback archers, we strive to harmonize with the horse moving beneath us while focusing on the target before us.

Mounted archery was rekindled as a modern sport in 1990 right here in Hungary, and has since spread around the globe. Nemethy Horseback Archery Academy is proud to have locations in Hungary, Germany,Netherlands and France and is dedicated to forwarding this incredible sport. We offer group and private lessons for all ages and experience levels.

To start horseback archery training, students are required to have basic horseback riding and archery skills. If you have prior expereince in these fields and wish to begin training, our instructors will conduct an in-depth assesment your expereince to place you in the training group that best matches your skill level.
The main objective of establishing the Némethy Horseback Archery Academy was to pass on the knowledge and joy of horse-riding for posterity. Beginning nearly a century ago, generation after generation of Némethy family members have collected intricate knowledge of horsemanship and equestrian sports.

From the start of the 20th century until his death, Bertalan Némethy dedicated his life to show jumping. He achieved great international reputation among the members of his lifetime profession. Two generations later, Christoph Némethy carries on his heritage, using unique educational methods in the areas of horse-riding, archery and horseback archery.

Horse-riding requires endurance, power of will, concentration, acceptance and as the most important of all, trust. In this sport the horse is not a tool, it is instead our fellow on the back of which we can push our limits and find our genuine personality. We do this while learning the basics of traditional horsemanship, while at the same time consolidating our relationship with the horse and improving our skills.

Némethy Horseback Archery Academy also offers horseback trips guided through the beautiful landscapes of the Pilis mountains. Horseback trips are great for young riders or old, beginners or experienced horsemen alike. We welcome everyone willing to learn to join our courses and trips!

There is nothing else in the world like the bond shared between horse and rider.

When we are attuned to our horse they become our trusted fellow, allowing us to push our limits, discover new strengths, and find that thrilling sense of freedom.

At Nemethy Horseback Archery Academy we emphasize communication with the horse, building trust, confidence, endurance, and focus in every session.

The trainings are held by Christoph Nemethy or one of our several qualified riding instructors, and are held in our outdoor arena or the archery course field. Students work on developing traditional riding techniques and confidence in the saddle.

With over 14 horses at our facility, there is sure to be a mount that suits each student's personality and experience level.

We encourage students of all ages and skill levels to join us in private or group horseback riding lessons. Lessons range from in duration, dependent upon preference or class level. Group sessions include 3-6 students, or private lessons can be arranged for those that wish to have individual instruction. Additionally, our facility is located at the base of the Pilis Mountains, allowing us to offer guided horseback tours of the beautiful countryside and surrounding area.

Please inquire about the date of offered courses via phone.

Riding Cap can be rented or purchased.